Middle School

We believe that the Middle School grades, six through eight, are extremely formative years for all students. Therefore, we design learning experiences that require cooperative effort and personal stretching, which gives students the opportunity to discover God's purpose for themselves.

Because of our commitment to teach the whole student, we offer a variety of core classes and electives. In so doing, we effectively promote spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual growth of our student body, and enable them to become life-long learners and involved citizens in the world around them.

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Bill Sharp
Karen Conwell
Middle School Principal

Middle School Core Curriculum


Students learn more about grammar, writing, as well as expanding their reading knowledge. Students will read literature, and be exposed to new horizons and rich experiences. This course serves to encourage students to pursue lifelong passions in reading and learning. In 8th grade, students are introduced to Journalism and create a middle school newsletter. Students also study various genres of literature such as: poetry, prose, and drama.


There are many areas of science studied throughout middle school. Students in 6th grade learn about weather and climate, astronomy, animals, bacteria and plants. Students in 7th grade learn about environmental science, cells and heredity, and elements of the earth. Students in 8th grade focus on human biology, health, the earth's changing surface, and bodies of water.


The middle school math curriculum focuses on Pre-Algebra and Algebra. This challenging math curriculum allows many students to complete High School Algebra I by 8th grade and to proceed into geometry in 9th grade. For students who are more challenged in math, they can take Pre-Algebra in 8th grade and then Algebra I in 9th grade.


Middle school students learn about Ancient civilizations in 6th grade, Medieval and Early Modern Times in 7th grade, and American History in 8th grade.

Middle School Special Curriculum


Art is a required course taught once a week to all middle school students. Students with the basic principles of art in 6th grade, students in all three grade levels are challenged with numerous projects throughout the year. Students learn the fundamentals of drawing, ceramics, painting, etc. There is also an 8th grade Advanced Art class offered to students who are gifted in art.


All middle school students are required to take Thai Language and Culture class, which meets three times a week. Students with a Thai passport, are required to take the Thai for Thai class. Students with a foreign passport, take the Thai for Internationals class. Both classes focus on the Thai language as well as understanding the culture of Thailand.


Mandarin, French, and Spanish are offered for Middle School students. These are introductory courses, which will help direct students what language to take in High School.


Students who enter ICS needing extra help in English are required to take ESL for one year. This class is taught at the same time as music. Classes are limited to 10 students, in order for teachers to give individualized attention each student. Every year, in the latter part of the school calendar, all of the ESL students are given a test to see if they will need to take ESL for the next school year.


All middle school students are required take a computer class once a week. Students learn intermediate and advanced Microsoft Word. Beginning Microsoft Excel 2007. Intermediate and advanced PowerPoint and Publisher. Core classroom teachers coordinate special projects with the computer teacher throughout the school year.


Middle school students take a Bible class once a week. This is a required class. 6th grade focuses on the foundations of the Bible including the Old Testament. 7th grade focuses on Biblical choices including the New Testament. 8th grade focuses on Biblical values and comparative world religions.


This class is an elective for students who wish to play in the middle school band. Middle school students have the opportunity to take band or strings and meet two times a week. Performances are held twice a year for the students to exhibit their progress.


Choir is an elective that meets once a week allowing students to take both band and choir. This class is for experienced and inexperienced singers. Performances are held throughout the school year.


This required class for all middle school students. It provides for the mental and physical needs of the whole child. Health is also taught in 6th and 8th grade.

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